Friday, May 04, 2007

Chiller Theatre- April 2007

Wow! It's certainly been a while, hasn't it? Nearly two whole months without a peep from me. How did any of you ever make it?

A lot has happened, but I've been too durn busy to really write any of it down- I've got quite a few posts in me that I hope to put up soon.

For now, though, I just want to post the pictures from the latest Chiller Show. This one was at a new hotel, which was much nicer than the the one the previous two shows were at. It was a smaller show, too, with maybe only about half the guests as usual. Which meant I actually went home with money in my pocket.

Here's my latest autograph round up:

Let's start off with a Playmate- Miss July, 1959, Yvette Vickers. You may also remember her from Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman and MST3K fodder, The Giant Leeches.

Next is Eric Roberts. I was surprised to see him at one of these shows, and even more surprised to find out he was a really nice guy. Very friendly with everyone.

You may not recognize his face, but I'm sure you'd recognize his voice(s)- Billy West from the Howard Stern Show, and the voice of Stimpy, Fry, Dr. Zoidberg, the green M&M, the Honeynut Cheerios Bee, and many, many more:

(BTW- true story- once, while listening to Stern on the way to work, Billy had me laughing so hard I nearly got into an accident. I had to pull the car over.)

Anybody who had a TV in the 70s has seen at least one of Mason Reese's commercials- he did tons. Remember his commercials for Underwood Deviled Ham? Do you remember the word "borgasmord"?

Finally, here's local horror host and living legend, Zacherley:


The Edward said...

Shocking... out of all of these people I knew only one - Billy West. Where are the Dr. Smiths of the world? The Biffs? Actually, now that I think of it, has Crispin Glover ever been to the show? That would be cool!

Samantha said...

MMMMmmmm, Eric Roberts. I've liked him for a long time. So rugged. TMI I know.

Ren and Stimpy, Happy Happy Joy Joy!! He looks like a "character" himself.

Glad you had fun!

madpuppy said...

Crispin Glover did an appearance at another (non-Chiller) show and it seemed like it wouldn't be worth going- he was only going to be there for 2 hours, and if you wanted an autograph, you had to pay for a special ticket that cost more than the ticket to the show itself.

Eric Roberts- you sound like my mom. I had to make a print of the picture with him, which she has on display at home. I think she is telling everyone he is their son.

And, btw- I didn't see any copies of Flash Gordon, but I heard that there will be an official DVD release of the movie coming out this summer.

Samantha said...

A Flash DVD coming, you heard that, Shut UP!!!! I think I am going to just go right into a tizzy right here and now. I know it seems like such an insignificant thing to get all excited about but damn, that movie has tons of memories linked to it, it's so awesomely bad it's so awesomely good. I am so glad you were able to find that out. Hurry up summer. I may even be able to tolerate the heat knowing Flash is coming!

madpuppy said...

I just checked Amazon- it's called the Saviour of the Universe Edition DVD, and will be released August 7. Something for you to look forward to.