Saturday, October 28, 2006

Chiller Theatre- October 2006

Well, it's the weekend before Halloween, which can only mean one thing- Chiller Theatre! I look forward to this event every year (actually every 6 months- they do a slightly smaller show in April)- I'm a geek, and I guess collecting autographs is my geeky hobby.

This year's show was a little chaotic. They had about twice as many guests as normal- most were to be in the hotel, the rest were set to be in a large tent outside. Unfortunately, torrential rains and 60mph winds made the tent a no-go, so everyone was crowded into the hotel. I spent the first half of the day just trying to get from room to room to see who was where. It wasn't until late in the afternoon that the crowds thinned out enough to give some breathing room. Hopefully, with subsequent shows, the weather will cooperate.

Anyway- here are my prizes from this year's show:

First up- Juliet Landau (Dru from Buffy the Vampire Slayer):

Next is Coleen Grey, who starred in one of my all-time favorite movies, Nightmare Alley. She also had the distinction of starring in two movies that were slammed on Mystery Science Theatre 3000- The Leech Woman and Phantom Planet.

And what would Chiller be without some Playboy Playmates?
First, DeDe Lind (Miss August, 1967)

Next- Tiffany Taylor (Miss November, 1998)

Not a Playmate, but could definitely have been one- Aria Giovanni:

Finally, the coolest reason to see the show this year- The Warriors came out to play!!

First up- Brian Tyler (Snow)

Next- David Harris (Cochise)

Terry Michos (Vermin)

Roger Hill (Cyrus- Can you dig it?)

Deborah Van Valkenberg (Mercy)

And, last but not least, Michael Beck, aka Swan:

The Warriors reunion was definitely cool, and caused me to part with a large part of my cash. The only disappointment was PeeWee Herman- he had a huge line that stretched outside. I stood in it for an hour without moving too far. The winds were horrendous, and you can see I was not dressed for cold weather. At 4, he came out and apologized to everyone, and said he was going to eat dinner. I decided to cut my losses and go back inside- I got a chance to see the man up close, even if I didn't get his autograph. Maybe if I wish real hard, he'll be at another show.

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