Monday, September 11, 2006

Exhaustion sets in

Whew! I've just spent the past two weeks catching up on 4 months of comics- about 160 in all. I had to put in some marathon days, but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make.

Anyway, I read some great stories- All-Star Superman, Fables, Batman, 52, and a few stinkers too (Nextwave- I'm looking at you!).

Anyway, seeing as I haven't posted in a while I think I'm going to be gathering my thoughts over the next few days, and then posting my 2 cents on some of my favorites and least favorites.

Just thought I'd warn you.


The Edward said...

Did you read Planetary Crossing Over? I found it by accident while looking for Volume 4 of Planetary. I just found out that there are a few titles set in this Wildstorm Universe. Have any experience with them? I might look into them if you have good things to say.

madpuppy said...

I've pretty much read all of Planetary since you recommended it to me, but I don't recall "Crossing Over." I've got to check to see if I've missed it.

I read a couple Wildstorm titles- the one that comes out most regularly is "Ex-Machina." It's a solid book, but I don't think it's up your alley.

Probably the best Wildstorm title is "Astro-City"- it's an excellent book. I'd definitely recommend you check it out- they're in the middle of the current story-line, but everything prior to it is available in trade. All of them are excellent.

Another title I like a lot is "Desolation Jones." The first 6-issue arc is coming out in trade, and a new arc is starting this month or next.

madpuppy said...

Also- you might want to look into some Vertigo titles. "Fables" and "Y- The Last Man" are always in my top 5 favorites every month. In fact, I read something that made me a little down- "Y" is ending with issue 60 (right now it's at 49).

A new title that's start up recently is "Exterminators"- it's good, but I'm not sure where it's going yet.

The Edward said...

Thanks for the recommendations! I'll look into them. Crossing Worlds was the name, sorry, I got it wrong. It is a cross over with Justice League, Batman, and The Authority. Not part of the normal story arc, but more of back story.